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Top Restaurants In Florence

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Florence becomes much more exciting if you are put up in a good place at a good location. We have enlisted some of the top restaurants in Florence. Florence is known for its art and architecture. This Renaissance city is full of piazzas, churches and museums. The food served in this city is something which people would try again and again without getting tired. To know more about the top restaurants in Florence, read on...

A Preveiw Of The Good Restaurants In Florence


Ristornte la Giostra


This restaurant carries the legacy of the royal family. The menus and dishes served here are carried from the royal family.  The food served here is therefore a tradition of Hapsburg and Lorenese.  You can find dishes like Carpaccio di melanzane, pomodori e Parmigiano Reggiano, Ravioli di Pecorino toscano e pere William's (pasta fatta in casa a mano), and Coniglio di campagna disossato alla Pientina, cotto in forno on the menu here. The hotel address is Borgo Pinti, 12, Florence - 055 241341.


All'Antico Vinaio


This restaurant is a nice place to grab a bite or two of the yummy sandwiches it serves.  Most of  the Florentines usually takeaway sandwiches on the go.  As a visitor you must try this sandwich. This restaurant is located at Via de' Neri 65, Santa Croce, Florence, 50123.


Ristorante Il Latini


This restaurant serves the Tuscan cuisine with dishes like the penne strascicate. There is rather a casual atmosphere in the restaurant and you may not have a  menu to order from. The restaurant staff treats the guests like family members which adds to the casualness in the atmosphere.  


Ruth's Kosher Jewish Restaurant


This is one restaurant which serves all the vegetarian kosher food. People who enjoy kosher food or have a passion for tasting kosher food can make it their best at the Ruth’s. The restaurant is located next to Florence Synagogue and museum.  


Ristornate Gustavino


This is a modern restaurant which serves exceptional traditional food. There is fusion of modern and traditional Italian food here.  Along with the foods, the wine list also good. There are as many as 800 wines on this list. You can enjoy the theme nights here. 

Hotel mulino fi firenze


Hotel Mulino di Firenze


The restaurant serves the traditional Tuscan food. The hotel has over the years preserved the original architecture. The restaurant can seat 80 guests at a time. This place is worth a visit. 


These are few good restaurants in Florence spread out to suit your needs.  There is so much about these restaurants rather than just being the top restaurants. 


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Top Restaurants In Florence