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Top Restaurants in Brussles

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Brussels is a wonderful place when it comes to food and entertainment. Some of the top restaurants in Brussels are rated due to the quality of food they serve and their lively food scene. Another interesting thing is that at Brussels you will come across the restaurants that serve food from across the world. Here are some of the top restaurants in Brussels.

Comme Chez Soi
Address:Place Rouppe 23, Brussels, 1000

The name of this restaurant translates to “Just like home” and the place truly keeps up with its commitments. Apart from the food, eaters can’t stop ravishing about the warmth of tawny wood interiors which regales you with Art Nouveau. Master Chef Pierre Wynant welcomes each visitor with a passion and his maintains rigorous food standards which is high enough to appease taste buds of a seedy critic who refuses to budge with any good food.


What to order: We recommend that you should not leave your table without enjoying Floating island, green pea soup with chimay beer and oxtail, and chicken with turmeric and apple chutney.

After visiting the place you will agree with us on the point that indeed Comme Chez Soi deserves the special mention as one of the top restaurants in Brussels.


Aux Armes de Bruxelles
Address:Rue des Bouchers 13, Brussels, 1000


This 80 year old restaurant offers very formal service but teams it with relaxed and family friendly ambience.  If you yearn to taste some interesting dishes from Belgian cuisine then you can rely on this place. The chefs express their delight while fusing the traditional cuisine with regional preferences. Also, you can grab some fair share in food prices during peak hours. During the peak hours it is preferable to order un complet – pan of steamed mussels is served with French fries and a bottle of your favorite beer.


What to order:  Steak with pepper – and cream sauce, waterzooi, mussel soup with crusty bread, rabbit stewed in flavored beer, winter stew with carrots, sausages, potatoes, and onion sauce.


À La Mort Subite
Address:Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères 7, Brussels, 1000


The name of the place translates to “sudden death “in French. According to beer drinkers A La Mort Subite is heaven of lambic beer. The lively ambience of the place grows on you and subdues you with its witty charm.


What to order:  Don’t leave your table without ordering Brussels meat, Croque monsieur, Croque Hawaii, Ham from the Ardennes. 


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Top Restaurants In Brussles