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Top Restaurants in Hyderabad

priyam's picture restaurants in Hyderabad offer you an extensive collection of eateries where a variety of cuisines can be tried and enjoyed. Apart from the traditional Hyderabadi Indian cuisine, there are diners where visitors can relish French, Korean, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Thai and Chinese cuisine. The facilities extended by most of the restaurants are excellent with A/C sitting arrangements and even Nawabi Style Hookah in some places.


A Preview Of Top Restaurants in Hyderabad


Ohris Serengeti

Banjara Hills

Cuisine – North Indian, Lucknowi, Peshawari


Tuned to the ambience of African Serengeti plain, enjoy authentic Indian cuisine of the northern part of India here. Mutton kebabs are a specialty and so is the traditional Hyderabadi biryani. While here also try the mirch ka salan and dahi chutney.



Paradise Restaurant

ParadiseCorner, Secunderabad

Cuisine – Indian


Visit to Hyderabad is incomplete without tasting authentic Hyderabadi double chicken biryani dished out here. The restaurant is known for its pathar ka ghosht served with traditional biryani. The restaurant also serves some must try Hyderabadi desserts like falooda, double ka meetha and qubani ka meetha.




RTC Cross Roads

Cuisine - Indian


This is another much sought after place for trying the famous traditional mutton Hyderabadi biryani. The specialties of this place include biryani jumbo pack, mutton curry, chicken curry, prawns and fish. Seafood is another specialty of this exotic and cozy restaurant. Spend perfect evenings here tasting mouthwatering biryanis.



Sahib Sindh Sultan

Banjara Hills

Cuisine – Indian


Enjoy this innovative dining experience in an opulent train carriage which is the restaurant. The train carriage from the days of Colonial Empire is actually located in a shopping mall on the second floor. The dining experience is luxurious with delectable, delicious Indian cuisine food being served by staff in period attire. Do not miss the kakori kebabs while here.





Cuisine – Indian Vegetarian


If you are a vegetarian, head straight to this lovely restaurant that serves authentic vegetarian Indian cuisine. The Andhra thali or platter would make a delicious lunch for the adventurous visitors who want to try Andhra cuisine. The south Indian fares of idli, dosa, coconut chutney, puri etc are awesome.


Almost all the top restaurants in Hyderabad mentioned here serve Indian cuisine. Visitors who want to enjoy fast food would not be disappointed with food chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Dominos Pizza having many outlets all across the city.


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Top Restaurants In Hyderabad