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Top Restaurants in Surrey

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Surrey is home to some of the affluent restaurants with metropolitan flavor.  There are many top restaurants in Surrey which are known for their peppy food culture and nostalgic ambience. It will be difficult to list some of the top ones but the restaurants mentioned below surely needs special mention because they have been serving people relentlessly over the years.


La Capanna – Cobham 

Address: 48 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3EF


This restaurant stands distinct due to its amazing food culture and has developed a character of its own which is rarely visible with other restaurants around Surrey. One restaurant critic was very particular when he announced that he had never dined in any restaurant with such pretty interiors.  The restaurant operates from a 18th century building and amazes you with its fine tuned interiors. One can choose to dine at common dinning area or garden terrace that regales you with views of River Mole.


What to order:  Parma Ham with grilled balsamic figs, scallops with a saffron lemon sauce, marinated duck breast with cracked black pepper, Rosemary, Orange.


The Inn @ West End 

Address: 42 Guildford Road,West End, Surrey, GU24 9PW


This inn is located in very active surroundings of West End. At one look it appears as a subtle eatery welcoming visitors with a magnetic charm but at the very next moment it translates to a busy pub welcoming party goers. This place is particularly famous for its special events like film nights, boules competitions, and wine tastings. They take utmost care to incorporate maximum number of local produces.


What to order: parsnip fritters which are dressed with landcress and purple orach salad. Or if you want to go for desserts then it is recommended that you should choose from seasonal fruit salads. The summer fruit salads will appease your senses with their tantalizing tastes.


Update: The restaurant plans to open wine shop in July 2011 because Gerry and Ann who run the restaurant are wine merchants too. If you love to taste supreme wines from any European country then you know where to look for!


After visiting the place you might fondly agree with us that this is one of the top restaurants in Surrey and will recommend it to others too.


Bishop Out of Residence 

Address: 2 Bishop’s Hall, off Thames Street, London, Surrey KT1 1PY


If you want to enjoy London from your eating desk, then we think you should head to Bishop Out of Residence. The place alike its unusual name welcomes you with its soothing demeanor and amazes you with its food culture and entertains your soul with lively music. This eater overlooks Thames and gives you cracking views of Kingston Bridge.

What to order: Tax up in the corner of fire room with a pint of special and golden nibble or go for stone baked pizza, bangers, etc.  Still there is lot more to discover and your affair with the place can never run out with first meeting.


We are pretty sure that you will agree with our choice of top restaurants in Surrey. We wish to hear from you on the same.


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Top Restaurants In Surrey