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Top Restaurants in San Juan

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San Juan, the liveliest city in the Caribbean manifold, is also famous for its exemplary food traditions and offers myriad of dining choices. The top restaurants in San Juan wow you with their Caribbean charm and influence your eating decisions by large margins. After reading through this blog you will be pretty clear about what you want while in San Juan and what you can expect on visiting so, and so restaurant.



La Mallorquina 

Address: 207 Calle San Justo, Old San Juan, San Juan, 00901


La Mallorquina is considered to be one of the top restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico and also the oldest because it has been welcoming the visitors since 1848. The menu is biased towards Spanish and Puerto Rican fare. The old world dining atmosphere and friendly and chirpy staffers are two of the things apart from the food that works in favor of this restaurant.


What to order: paella ,  asopao, amarillos, bean soups, bombonera, flank steak and mahi fillets.



Address: 1006 Av. Ashford, Condado, San Juan, 00907


Operating from a plantation-style house this restaurant sits on the banks of Condabo Bay. It is one of the top restaurants in San Juan which serves the authentic Puerto Rican fare with a definite passion and intention. The place is also considered for its brilliant interiors and exemplary food choices it offers.


What to order: bolitas de yautía y queso and fried cheese, gallinita rellena (stuffed cornish hen) and mojito.



Address: Numero Uno Guesthouse, 1 Calle Santa Ana, Ocean Park, San Juan, 00911


If you are in search of exotic dining experience then the this is the right place for you because this is the only restaurant in the city which allows you to have food in mouth of ocean. Puzzled! Well it means this is the only restaurant in San Juan where you can enjoy your food at the table with the ocean just a foot away.


What to order: Scallops along with grapefruit, Jamaican Jerk shrimp, peppercorn salsa and coconut corn arepas along with guava caulis.




Address: 364 Calle La Fortaleza, Old San Juan, San Juan, 00901


The name of the place translates to Jelly Fish. The overall ambience of the place is managed to appear like a sea world. The ultra cool, and modern lighting techniques recreate the magic of the sea world within the confines of the restaurant. The menu is totally laid with various types of sea food preparations.


What to order: torres del mar (towers of sea), lobster mashed potatoes, seafood enchiladas. You wont get tired of the seafood dosage that awaits you here.


La Dorada

Address:  1105 Av. Magdalena, Condado, San Juan, 00907

This is one of the top restaurants in San Juan which serves some of the best seafood. The place is well-known for its seafood platter which is offered at affordable prices.


What to offer: Mahimahi in caper sauce, and codfish in green sauce. 


The names of these places triggersa level of curiosity within a foodie. Now you know why they are included in the list of top restaurants in San Juan.


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Top Restaurants In San Juan