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Top Chinese Restaurants in Chicago

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Chinese steamed egg

Some of the top Chinese restaurants in Singapore, just go on to prove the fact once more. On the platter they serve finest of ingredients from all provinces to treat their guests with the best delicacy from China mainland. Be it Cantonese or Schezuan, it’s all there for you to savor while you enjoy the place, making your trip a little more deliciously memorable.



Summer Pavilion Restaurant

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia


Summer Pavilion restaurant is a perfect place for that perfect Chinese meal, which you have been craving for since the time you landed in Singapore. The restaurant promises full value of money, and a ‘good mood’ complementary with every meal. The ambience is oozing with relaxed elegance that soothes you and prepares you for the treat ahead. You can depend on the staff for the best suggestion and they will not disappoint you. You may try anything from seafood to pork prepared in authentic Chinese way.


Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Paragon #05-22


Expect an array of delectable dishes, soothing ambience, attentive service –in one word a total dining experience at Crystal jade Golden Palace, with best oriental cuisine right on platter before you. It brings you some contemporary cuisine from Cantonese and Teochew. Its wine cellar with selected wines from all over the world is another attraction. Go on and enjoy crabs, oysters, beef, pork, veggies and mush more in Chinese  flavors.


Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

39 Scotts Road


Food in Li Bai Cantonese restaurant gives a glimpse of the rich tradition of grand emperor when they dined in jade and silverware and bone China. The chef brings some authentic Chinese cuisine for a amazing gourmet experience for food lovers.  Highlighting the flavor of every ingredient –be it meat, seafood or vegetables—the chef prepares a fine blend of all for a royal dinner for their guests.


Golden Peony Chinese Restaurant

2, Temasek Boulevard


One of top Chinese restaurants in Singapore, Golden Peony, claims a superb hospitality matched with divine dining experience to be in the position of the best. Start with their double boiled soup and deep fried prawn roll with century and salted eggs, or prawn dumplings and siew mai with scallops to start the heavenly experience and then go on to try some Xian noodle with fish, one of its popular dish.


Hua Ting Chinese Restaurant

442, Orchard Road


The guest don’t stop raving about Hua Ting Chinese Restaurnt, however, they had to stop to enjoy the food served there. Price may not be very attractive, but the food is worth every cent spent. Use of fresh ingredients and apt amount of oil is of the reasons for you for prefer this restaurant over all others. Get the authentic Chinese taste with just right measure of all ingredient. The cuisine is primarily Cantonese, however, flavors from different provinces are also available to make your Chinese dining complete.


Try authentic Chinese, innovative food, cuisine from a particular province or take help of the staff to serve you better, because the top Chinese restaurants in Singapore are good in everything.

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Top Chinese Restaurants In Chicago