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Top Restaurants In Athens

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Greek Salad

Wondering what are the top restaurants in Athens? One of the most interesting European cities in the world, you can enjoy Greek food along with international cuisine at some of the good restaurants in Athens. Listed below are the top restaurants in Athens.



Address: 80 Piraios, Athens


Varoulko, is well known for serving the best sea food in town. Their classic Greek fish on the grill is a favorite for most. Cooked in the most distinctive way with unique flavors, you will love the taste of this scrumptious dish. Chef-owner Lefleris tries to pair his food creations with a wide variety of Greek wines produced in different part of the country.


Jaipur Palace

Address: Agiou Konstantinou & Themidos 73 Marousi & Lazaraki 63 Glyfada


This is a fine dining restaurant that serves spicy and flavorful Indian food. If you are in the mood for something different, definitely try this restaurant. They have tapas style Indan food which is entertaining for the eye as well as the stomach. Under the supervision of Dhananjay Kumar, the restaurant’s executive chef, menu is contemporary, but crammed with favorites.  Bhindi Masala, Onion fritters are not to be missed here along with Chili Paneer on yoghurt cake.



Address: 46 Panepistimiou St, Athens


If you’re yearning for an air-conditioned space with a wide variety of menu choices and some really good traditional fare, then the well-known, old Ideal is just that. It is one of Athenians’ preferred midtown spots, long-heralded among devoted fans as a pillar of conventional Greek food, although you’ll find a good amount of foreign visitors frequenting this place as well.  



Address: Evangelismos Park (Vas. Sofias Ave)


Boschetto remains one of the cities’ best Italian restaurants.  It is a high-end place, set in the cool Evangelismos gardens, and is popular with the businessmen out to impress and the romantic couples. The menu changes according to the season and the appetizers are always models of elegance. The wine list is one of the best in town-and one of the few with a selection of vintage Greek wines-though they come at a price.



Address: Soutsou & 27 Tsoha St, Athens


Balthazar is by far one of the city’s most gorgeous restaurants. Housed in one of the few neo-classical mansions in downtown Athens, the renovated, beautiful garden is filled with huge old date palms. The space has been divided to serve two purposes: The front half is an upbeat bar-restaurant, while the inner segment is a more tranquil, high-end restaurant. Image and setting aside, the restaurant has a sundry menu, prepared by one of Athens’ most artistic young chefs, Yiorgos Tsiaktsiras.


Hopefully you will enjoy these top restaurants in Athens and the food will make you want to come back for more. Depending on your tastes and preferences you have the pick of the lot from the wide variety mentioned above.


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Top Restaurants In Athens