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Top Restaurants In Mumbai

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This guide on the best restaurants in Mumbai offers you a sneak peak into the various fodo destinations in Mumbai - right from the simple snacks to the most elegant cuisines. Mumbai located in Eastern part of India serves as the financial capital of India. The ethnic diversity and multiracial fold of the city has played a major role in establishing it on world map. The city is home to several high profile hotels and restaurants which propagates the essence of global food culture. Some of the best restaurants in Mumbai include:




Sahar Rd, ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton, Andheri

This top class restaurant operates at ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton. As, the name suggests the place is popular for its Peshawari offerings especially the cuisine of Bukhara on the Northwest Frontier. You can choose from various types of spicy kebabs and enriching curries. The kebabs of the place leave you yearning for more.


Golden Dragon

Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Apollo Bunder, Colaba

As the name suggests this Chinese restaurant operates at Taj Mahal. Golden Dragon enjoys a iconic status because it is supposed to be first eatery in India to serve hot dishes from the south west China.. It is counted amongst one of the best restaurants in Mumbai because it has to offer much more in terms of taste and ambience. For Chinese food lovers this is the heaven because here they can taste some exemplary Chinese and Cantonese fare.


Leopold Café

Colaba Causeway

This is considered to be one of the best restaurants of Mumbai because of its vibrant atmosphere. This is also one of the good restaurants of Mumbai if you wish to rub shoulders with people from different nationalities. The place has lot to offer in terms of food and entertainment.  Don’t forget to visit this iconic restaurant the next time when you visit Mumbai.


Olive Bar and Kitchen

14 Union Park, Pali Hill Tourist Hotel

This is very late entrant to the list of the best restaurants in Mumbai but its worth the money you pay for food here. If you are a star crazy eater then there are all chances that you hit upon any Bollywood celebrity.  Olive Bar has lot to offer in terms of Mediterranean cuisine and Italian salads. They always take care to include all fresh ingredients in foods. The atmosphere is lively, at the same time very casual too. You can either have your dinner with Uncle Moon on the terrace or you can have it inside with your loved ones.   In both ways you are the winner. Don’t forget to drop in to this place if you are in mood to enjoy a memorable evening with your friends and loved ones.



4 Mandlik Rd, Colaba

There is a popular notion that Indigo sets the standards and others simply follow it. That is absolutely true. Indigo sets the standard and others work hard to ape it. Breathtaking decors, mesmerizing collection of wines, tantalizing food – are some of the features that compels you to visit this place again and again.  


We are damn sure that you will agree with our choice of including this into the list of best restaurants in Mumbai.


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Top Restaurants In Mumbai