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Top Restaurants In Zurich

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Swiss restaruants

Are you wondering where to dine in one of the cities of the dream country, Switzerland, you can find some of the exotic dining places. Discussed here are a few of the top restaurants in Zurich  that you will find yourself relishing some of the exotic dishes.

1. The Kronenhalle:

This is one of the good restaurants in Zurich, Switzerland, which has been known well for many decades, that is better preferred for French and Swiss cuisine. Where else in the world that you can taste the best cuisines of Swiss than in Switzerland! The menu includes a wide range of specialities and is therefore is the best place to eat and enjoy the paintings by the Swiss and European artists like Matisse, Miro, Chagall, etc.


2. Sukothai:

This restaurant has come to life following the dream come true of a Thai native who settled in Switzerland.  The restaurant is run by a Thai women, Wanphen Heymann Sukphan, who is backed by her husband for this success and fame. This restaurant serves some of the traditional Thai dishes, and has been awarded Michelin star for being the first female chef and to own a restaurant of her own. The food seems to carry the exotic flavour of native Thai recipes.


3. Rive Gauche:

This restaurant is part of the hotel Baur au Lac hotel, and specializes in serving and reviving the grilled Mediterranean cuisines. The hotel, despite being a century old still retains the authenticity and looks very new for the age of the building. The restaurant serves the dishes with the food preparations made from spices and are specialized in vegetarian delicacies, and is being credited for the outstanding food and elegant setting with a professional and impeccable service.


4. Restaurant Haus zum Ruden:

This restaurant is one of the popular tourist attractions and is located in the most perfect spot to enjoy the food near the river with the scenic views by the windows of the River Limmat.  This is the reason why this restaurant is the favorite place for the locals and tourists, while the cuisines served here are traditional Swiss food  with a certain degree of innovation and delightful connoisseurs to enjoy on every plate of food that you eat.


5. Ta (tadsch) Palace:

This is one of the topmost Indian restaurants serving both the rich in flavor and aroma filled Indian cuisines, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes along with some of the Swiss flavors too. You will find in this restaurant menu, a list of Indian specialities with beautiful Mughal settings.


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Top Restaurants In Zurich