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Top Restaurants In Hamburg

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Hamburg’s RestaurantIt’s interesting to discuss about top restaurants in Hamburg as the city is known to house some of the world’s best eating outlets. Hamburg is not only one of the most affluent cities of Europe in terms of transportation, industries and media but also in terms of rich foods and variable cuisines. So, it becomes very difficult to sort the best restaurants in Hamburg but there are few which are outstanding in every sense, let’s have a look on them.



The restaurant is known for its perfectly prepared Japanese and Thai cuisine. In addition, the rustic ambience of the restaurant makes the dining more memorable. If you get a chance to visit this eating outlet, don’t miss to try its Creative pies which have won the restaurant an award of Best Pizza in Germany. This is perfect place to celebrate with families and friends and enjoy great tasting foods.


Blue Marlin

Blue Martin takes you into the cosmopolitan atmosphere with its breathtaking interiors. The rattan armchair along with round table is all there for the visitors comfort while having dinner. Regarding foods, the restaurant is known for its regional cuisine which is prepared in front of you in the Blue Marlin's show kitchen. 



Tafelhaus is considered as one of the top restaurants in Hamburg for its exquisite cuisine and great ambience. Furthermore, the Master Chef Christian Rach would never let you leave the restaurant without a word of admiration for the dishes served here. All the foods prepared here are delicious in taste.


Alt Helgoländer Fischerstube

This restaurant is acknowledged for its best fish preparation. You can enjoy Pannfisch and many cuisines having Asian influence at this restaurant. It has been serving with great hospitality to its customers since 1982. Great ambience, exotic foods and a good collection of wine makes the restaurant one of the best restaurants in Hamburg. Apart from family gathering, the restaurant provides enough space to organize small party and workshops.


Restaurant Nil

If you are an avid fan of European and German cuisine, make a plan to visit Restaurant Nil. The restaurant is a great place to dine and relish traditional foods and regional cuisine. The wait staffs here are known to provide excellent service to its customers that make the dining more memorable.   


Thus, these were some of the top restaurants in Hamburg which are acclaimed for great food and services. So, if you are planning to visit this city, give the abovementioned restaurants a try, you will have a great dining experience.


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Top Restaurants In Hamburg