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Top Restaurants in Grand Rapids

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Before knowing the top restaurants in Grand Rapid, it is high time to know the foodie background of this US city. Since last three years International wine and Food festival is being arranged in Grand Rapid and based on this new food culture and foodie-revolution top restaurants choices from Grand Rapid have become a tough task for the food lovers.


One of the top restaurants in Grand Rapid is San Chez A Tapas Bistro

San Chez A Tapas Bistro is a wonderful restaurant located in Grand Rapid famous for its great food, wonderful ambience, and top-notch customer service. Since last 16 years this “responsible restaurant” is rendering their excellent food service for their customers. Th menu is versatile; starting from regular breakfast and lunch menu, the restaurant has special provision even for one-bite menu and children’s special menu, etc for optimum fun and satisfactory for the foodie guests. One of the great specialty of this restaurant that they have special arrangement for allergy sensitive people and according to allergy sensitivity people can select their foods here. The restaurant is located at 38 West Fulton, Grad Rapid.

Bistro Villa Vita – one of the top restaurants choices

Perhaps one of the best restaurants in West Michigan serving best food and complete and right ambience for the customers; it is one of the best family restaurants famous for their Mediterranean foods and wines in Grand Rapid area. The signature dishes from this restaurant are paella, rotisserie-roasted meats, and brick-oven pizzas, excellent quality sea foods, fresh salad, and absolutely gluten free ingredients for optimum health consciousness.  The restaurant reserves provision for special menu for lactose intolerant people and for the community prefer vegan diet. Out and out a traditional family restaurant has wide open free parking place for its customers.

esterdog-one of the top restaurants in Grand Rapid

Yestedog is one of the top restaurants in Grand Rapid and it has been accredited as one of the best restaurants by Grand Rapid Magazine’s hotdog category since 1991. Although the menus and hospitality norms are latest and up-to date, the interior and ambience of this restaurant is a vintage one; the antique juke box, old gramophone horn, crank register re wonderful accessories reminding the customers of the days of 1930’s and 1940’s.

Graydon’s-One of the Top Restaurants Choices in Grand Rapid

In US, if you wish to enjoy UK Pub culture you cannot miss this place Graydon’s. British classic dishes are the signature dishes of this place; complete menu, brunch kid’s menu all the recipes deserve special mention in their business category. Its beer menu is world famous for 36 cask conditioning. The restaurant is located at 1223 Plainfield NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505.


These are some of the top restaurants in Grand Rapid although the list is not complete yet. However, if you are at Grand Rapid, may start your food journey with any of these five, believe me you will not be disappointed.


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Top Restaurants In Grand Rapids