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Top Restaurants In Delhi

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Read on this blog to know more about some top restaurants in Delhi.

There are times when searching a pleasant restaurants in a new city truly becomes the most difficult thing. A good eating place must have a perfect combination of elegant ambience, delicious food and apt location. Apart from all this, the restaurant must be light for your pocket. So, here are the top restaurants in Delhi.   

Top Restaurants In Delhi

1. Park Balluchi

Popularly known as the Indian barbecue delight, Park Balluchi serves the best saffron marinated grilled chicken and the grilled farmer's cheese filled with dates, nuts, mushrooms and currants in the country. The restaurant is so popular that it needs prior reservation every time one visits.  

2. Bukhara

Bukhara is a legendary restaurant that has been running successfully since last 20 remarkable years. Serves authentic North Indian food, Bukhara is known for serving the best traditional tandoori food. It is also popular for using authentic Indian spices like ginger and garlic to their best. 

3. Chor Bizarre

“Chor Bizarre” is a term of Hindi language that is used to refer “thieves market.” However, here Chor Bizarre is the most popular restaurant of Indian capital. This vintage easting place is appreciated all across the country for traditional ambience and quality food. The fun decorations of this place usually distract the guests from its other plus points like great meal.

4. Karim’s

Karim’s is a little restaurant that is widely popular amongst Delhi-ites for the authentic mutton delicacies. Mutton is available in a wide range of savory or sweet gravies. Some other delicious dishes include the lamb filled with rice, chicken, fruit, and eggs. Apart from these meat gravies, the restaurant is also popular for homemade bread.

5. Moti Mahal Delux

Moti Mahal Delux is a home for all chicken lovers in the city. The restaurant is known for serving great meat dishes like butter chicken stewed with tomatoes and Chicken makhni. Apart from these specialties, chicken tikka tandoori and chicken curry are also amongst the excellent servings. All the dishes are served with zippy pickled onions and cumin flavored seasoned rice.

6. Naivedyam

Naivedyam is one of the few restaurants in Delhi that serves traditional Udupi cuisine. This place is popular for authentic vegetarian cooking from South India. Some popular entrees such as dosas and uttapams stuffed with spicy potatoes or vegetables are best options in the menu.

7. Rampur Kitchen

Situated in upscale Khan Market, this little Muslim restaurant is one of the most posh eating places in the city. It serves meals in traditional copper plates. Popular for haleen, a ground mutton and fresh warm bread, Rampur kitchen is also known for delicious mutton kebabs and stewed chicken curry.

These are some of the best places and top restaurants in Delhi that are appreciated for great food and perfect ambience.

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Top Restaurants In Delhi