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The Food Stalls in Delhi Ramlila Ground

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Almost the entire video is a result of a 'guerilla' shoot. I managed to capture a station and the inside of a metro train in Delhi. I ran out of luck at the third station though. Some authorities came in and asked me to put away my camcorder. I was lucky, they didn't take away the camera (and me)!
This was my first visit to the Ramlila Grounds in Delhi, the venue for a 10-day performance of the Ramlila play and where on the final day, the effigies of Ravan and his brothers are burnt and 'Dussehra' is celebrated. The premises also host a fair that lasts the entire 10 day duration and a food court gives us an opportunity to bite into some of the best street food that India's capital has to offer.
The Ramlila Grounds are a high security zone but God only knows how i managed to sneak my camera in. There were cops all around but this time I wasn't to be caught! What you see is just a glimpse of the huge occasion. The song in the video is 'Hey Ram', sung by the most popular ghazal singer of today, Mr. Jagjit Singh.

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Food Court In Delhi Ramlila Ground Review
Delhi is known for its culture and varieties of foods. On Dussehra, Ramlila Ground is one place that is jam-packed whole day and night with devotees. Varieties of food stalls are there for the devotees. Watch out the video and learn more about the foods served by these stalls on The Ramlila Ground.

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The Food Stalls In Delhi Ramlila Ground Video, Food Court In Delhi Ramlila Ground Review