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How To Create Customized Drink Coasters

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You can prepare the drink coasters for your personal use or for gift purpose, when you know about how to create customized drink coasters. The customized drink coasters can be prepared with your favorite photographs, be it the snaps of the family members or any scenic locations, where you travelled together. Just search through your albums and find out 6-8 photographs, so that you can make a full set of drink coasters out of them.  It is very easy to craft these customized drink coasters, only if you have the patience and concentration. Let us go to the step by step instructions to make this project successful.


Step 1

First of all, you should gather all the important things, which you will require for this task. Other than the photographs, you will require hard paper board, glue, pencil and scissors. You should also get the laminating sheets, to laminate the coasters; otherwise any liquid might damage these items.


Step 2

Now, you need to cut the paper board in proper shape for the coasters. Depending on your choice, you may make them square or round shaped. Whatever you do, try to maintain the same size for all the coasters. For this, you will require taking help of ruler or any circular shape, using which you can draw the circle.


Step 3

Next you have to cut the photographs according to the size of the coasters. To do this, put the paper board coaster on top of the photographs and cut the photographs accordingly. But make sure that the main subject of the photographs stays at the central part of the coasters. Follow this method to cut all the photographs for each of the paper board coaster.


Step 4

Now you have to stick the photographs over the coasters with the help of the sticking glue. Use generous amount of glue for sticking the photographs, so that the coasters become strong and firm. Let the glue dry, before you move on to the next step.


Step 5

The next step will involve the laminating process. But, before that you should check whether any additional part of the photographs is coming out of the shape. If so, then cut the extra portion in the line of the paper board coaster. Now for laminating the coasters, you have to be little careful. You should cut the laminating sheet little bigger than the coaster size. Start working on the back portion of the coaster. Remove the liner of the sticky laminating sheet and carefully place the coaster on its back at the middle of the sheet. Stick the back properly, releasing all the air bubbles under the laminating sheet. Follow the same method to cover the front part of the coasters with the laminating sheet. Properly stick the extended part of both the laminating sheets, so that no gap remains in between. Keep the coaster on a hard surface and press it firmly with your hand.


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How To Create Customized Drink Coasters