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Siku Vodka Bar Promotion

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This was the most awesome thing at the International Restaurant and Food Service Show held in March in New York.
This entire bar has been sculpted from glacial ice. THe whole bars melts in 20 hrs and is recreated again for service the next day. It sure got me excited

And in the bar, they had this ice pipe through which they run crystal clear SIKU VODKA , which you can drink straight down the pipe!.

Siku \ 'se-ku \ n meaning "ice" in Greenlandic is an ultra-premium vodka blended exclusively with pure, crystal clear ice from Greenland's Qalerallit Sermia glacier, which is up to 60,000 years old. This surprisingly crisp, clear vodka is meticulously crafted in small batches in the Netherlands and distilled five times from the finest quality grains, creating an exceptionally clean, smooth finish

I sure never had a better shot of vodka. Here is a picture of the crystal clear vodka bottle.

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Siku Vodka Bar Sculpted From Glacial Ice - An Overview
Have you seen the famous and beautiful siku vodka bar that has been sculpted in the New York city? The specialty of this bar is it is sculpted from glacial ice. The bar looks very attractive and is very costly. The video will tell you all about the bar and you can enjoy its beauty.

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Siku Vodka Bar Promotion Video, Siku Vodka Bar Sculpted From Glacial Ice - An Overview