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Food Trends 2010: Best Vegetarian Restaurants

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A great meal is a good way to end a year or to begin one. We do understand that it might be tricky to find the right place, especially if you are following the food trend of 2010 and are looking for some vegan joints.

This is why we have made this list, of vegetarian restaurants that serve yummy food. This list covers all the major vegan joints in USA.

Green Zebra, Chicago: Great food and an award winning Chef/Owner to back the claim - that is Green Zebra for you.  The 2006 Best Chef in the Midwest, James Beard award was given to Chef Shawn, for his innovations and cooking abilities.

Millennium, San Francisco: They are the pioneers of gourmet vegan dining in the USA. They have some great multi-culture fusion food. The whiskey chocolate tiramisu cake they have is sure worth that trip to Millennium.

Candle 79, New York City: This restaurant serves not just vegan treats; they specialize in organic food, making it one of the best places to eat at. There is no way your conscience or your health will suffer after a meal here. And yes, the food is absolutely yumm.

Sublime, Fort Lauderdale: This place offers great vegan food from the world over. The place is known for the creative cuisine and the good ambience. Their entrees, like sublime picatta, Bangkok raw, Tuscan quiche, and ravioli are all great hits.

VegiTerranean, Akron, Ohio: This place was opened by rock legend Chrissie Hynde in her hometown. The interiors are sleek and modern and the restaurant offers some gourmet vegan and Italian fares.

Horizons, Philadelphia: There is what they call the "new vegan cuisine." The menu has Pacific Rim grilled tofu and Saffron cauliflower soup, both of which are extremely delicious. If that's new vegan cuisine, then I am in!

Dragonfly Neo-V, Columbus, Ohio: The hotel caters events and parties and the food there is known to be whimsical and fun. At least that is what Chef Magdiale Wolmark described the place as.

Madeleine Bistro, Los Angeles: The restaurant might be a little far out for people wanting to drive there, as it is technically in Tarzana. But, if you believe that a good meal makes up for the small worries in life, then this trip is so worth it. Madeleine's chocolate soufflé is a poem in chocolate, so be sure to give it a try.

Now, if you happen to be living in cities that are not listed out here, do not worry. Every city has its own vegetarian restaurants and they are only growing by the day. Or like we said earlier, the food served in these vegetarian restaurants we have mentioned is worth any travel you do.

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Food Trends 2010: Best Vegetarian Restaurants