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About Chicken Fried Bacon

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Yes believe it or not - bacon dipped in batter and deep fried....

:) Nikko

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Chicken Fried Bacon - Unique Dish
Chicken fried bacon, the quintessential Texas dish consists of bacon strips smudged in batter and then deep fried, just like chicken fried steak. Lets take a closer look about the ways and means of this dish.

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Oh dear that side profile says it all-DIET needed. Chicken-fried bacon, oh muh that is instant artery clogging and gravy to boot. Oh dear Teas "Poe-leese" are a eatin there. So Nikko ever try these?
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I haven't but as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow am I'm going to! There isn't many food I won't try once. I did pass on eating (drinking) cobra blood in Bankok... I ate the flesh but that went against my better judgment... I did eat a live eel in China - Impressed the hell out of the chaps at the company I was visiting... :) Nikko
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Enjoy the artery clogging and worry later! some ppl eat to live and I live to eat then
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If I'm at a really nice place or eating something I really like I eat very slowly so I can take in every bite... If it's just a quick something or other I find that I eat much more quickly.... :) Nikko
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I always eat slowly, always have, but greasy stuff just doesn't go down. I think it is because my family always grilled stuff instead of frying and never deep fried-sort of a California thing. You know fresh veggies, fruits and seafood. Nikko, snake alley in Taipei and Jahore, etc well makes my toes curl. I don't like snakes dead or alive and there is no way I'd drink the blood or bile-but that is a guy thing VBEG I have eaten rattlesnake-infact I cooked it. ICK. A frind brought it over. Thanks a lot. I have eaten black snake in Chao Zhou that I do not like and it feeds in the rice paddies. I often am veg in China.
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Yes good food tastes best when you take your time to savor the flavors! :-) Raquel
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