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About Tsukiji Fish Market

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This is a great video...

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The incredible Tsukiji Fish Market
The Tsukiji Fish Market has over 400 varieties of seafood right from the inexpensive seaweed to some expensive caviar. You will find many varieties of sardines and also 400kg tunas. In all 700,000 tones of seafood is processed every year herewith a market value of close to 650 billion yen.

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, commonly known as Tsukiji fish market (Tsukiji shijō) is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind. You should see it at early morning when it is crazy as a world wholesale market! BTW-the comment about the banas-chuckle there are 41 varieties of bananas alone in Thailand-there are hundreds of varities from tiny finger banas to huge ones-some yellow, some red. Flavours REALLLLY vary. The "huge" soybeans are Fava beans, and the "daikon" that was narrow and brown is Gobo. The canned papaya was NOT from Japan-probably from Hawaiia where Dole has canneries. Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines also grow many papayas as they need a tropical climate to grow. Great video and very uncrowded due to the World Cup and time of day.'s picture
Thanks for the food market lesson, Shantihhh!!! Another cool video! Chris
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Doesn't she give the best information? I look forward to her comments every time I post a video...
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Shantihhh post the best comments on that's why she is the #1 commenter!
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