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Twilight Themed Restaurant!

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A Twilight themed restaurant! Now wouldn’t that be fun! The hype and excitement regarding the release of New Moon on Now 20th, the sequel to Twilight is reaching the zenith. While the Twilight fever spreads, a couple who already owns a series Dazzled by Twilight stores publicises the fact that they are going to open a Twilight themed restaurant.


Annete And Tim Root is planning to open this themed restaurant in Washington next year and they are naming it Voltera. For those who haven’t seen the movie or read the books, Voltera is the Italian city where the vampire aristocracy resides and the plot of the sequel to Twilight, New Moon unfolds. The restaurant that will also include a bar and a Twilight Lounge is thankfully not focusing on a menu based on the movie( blood on the plate wouldn’t have been an appetizing site, now, would it?). You can definitely look forward to some classic seafood and steak dishes at the restaurant! Cant wait for the restaurant to for the release of the movie.


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Twilight Themed Restaurant!