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Thiru Dosa Promotion in New York City

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Washington Square Park
New York City

Thiru Kumar is the owner of the popular food cart NY Dosas which makes the best vegetarian dosas in the City. Dosas are the indian rice crepes that are usually stuffed with spiced potatoes and eaten with coconut chutney or another south indian dish called sambhar.
Unlike the usual crepes these are made over a high temperature grill with some oli sprinkled on it to give the crepe a very crispy feel

Thiru makes them relly good. You can ask for a a plain dosa or one stuffed with the spiced mashed potatoes. this place is a regular hang out for the NYU students and is good food for at a bargain price. If you are around washington square park , then you could have thirsus dosas for a welcome break from the usual lunch one is accustomed to

Thirus dosas are so good that he was the winner of the first Vendy Awards in 2005. He was followed by another great street food vendor, Sammy who claimed the honors in 2006

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Thiru Dosa In New York City Review
Wanna eat delicious thiru dosa in New York? Don't know where to get thiru dosa? Watch out the video and learn about the best selling thiru dosa restaurant.

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Thiru Dosa Promotion In New York City Video, Thiru Dosa In New York City Review