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Root Beer Float

Root beer float is a very popular American beverage created by using root beer and scoops of ice cream on top. Root beer is also poured on top of the ice-cream in the dish causing carbonation and fizzing. Ice cream floats to the top creating frothy, frozen foam and a very refreshing beverage. There are several different versions of the Root beer float combining different flavors of ice creams and root beers and they are a standard features in many ice-cream shops in the US.

History of Root Beer Float

No one actually knows how the Root beer float recipe started but different versions of Root beer float have been around for several years now. One legend that has become very popular is that the drink was created by Robert M Green of Philadelphia, PA, in 1874. Greene created iced sodas for children. One day when he ran out of ice to chill his sodas, he came up with the idea of using vanilla ice cream from a vendor to chill his sodas. This was the very first Root beer float recipe version of the Root beer float. He then went on to combine ice-cream, soda water and colored syrups to create the Root beer float which become an instant hit. Another story states that Frank J. Wisner owner of the Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Company wanted to produce a variety of soda water for the citizens of his then booming city. When trying to come up with a popular version, he combined ice cream with Myers Avenue Red root beer to create the Root beer float which became an instant hit. The drink was also called as the BLACK COW or BROWN COW and it’s still known in a few cities by the same name.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of a Root Beer Float

The basic ingredients and the Root beer float recipe of the drink have not changed with time. Traditionally, vanilla ice-cream is placed in at tall glass of root beer. The root beer is usually made of sassafras flavoring combined with other ingredients. Foam is created by the yucca concentrate in the root beer. When the ice-cream is added to the root beer, the gas in the beer causes the ice cream to float to the top. Different versions of ice cream can be added to the dish depending on individual tastes but ice cream shops usually have over 20 different combinations of Root beer float on the menu.

Serving and Eating Root Beer Float

Tall glasses are used to serve the beverage. The glasses can be frozen to create a much cooler sensation and to ensure that the ice cream does not melt. Usually commercially prepared root beer is poured into the glass followed by a lump of vanilla ice cream. Chocolate ice cream may also be used along with chocolate sprinkles. A little root beer is poured on top to cause fizzing and frozen foam which increases the taste sensation.

Nutritional Value of Root Beer Floats

The actual nutritional value of the drink will vary according to the Root beer float recipe and ingredients that are used. Read the nutritional label and calculate the individual calorie content of each ingredient to find out the calorie count.