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Baked Fish

Baked fish is a Continental preparation that is made using fish fillets, which are marinated and then baked in the oven. Different varieties of fish are used for the preparation; however, Cod is the most commonly used variety in Baked Fish recipes.

Cooking Methods & Health Benefits of Baked Fish:

Though the origin of baked fish is not quite clear, its method of preparation suggests that it is a continental main dish, often served with boiled vegetables and some kind of light sauce. The fish fillets are seasoned with salt and pepper and then lightly coated with flour before baking. Fillets are always wrapped and baked in an aluminum foil to retain the moisture thus to refrain it from drying. Baked Fish is a very healthy recipe since it uses baking as a method of cooking which helps retain all the nutrients. Vegetables are also used which are either baked along with the fish or boiled and served.

Popular Variations of Baked Fish Recipes:

People around the world have incorporated baked fish as part of their cuisine, often adapting to the use of locally available ingredients and cooking techniques. A variation of Baked Fish recipe popular in Thailand, calls for the fillets to be wrapped in banana leaves and then cooked in the oven. Later, the fish is served with a spicy Thai sauce. At times the ingredients used to make baked fish also determine its variation. Such variations are named according to the main ingredients used in marinating the fish, like Parmesan Baked Fish, Oregano Baked Fish etc.