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Arctic Char

Arctic Char is a saltwater and freshwater fish which is found in the Alpine, Sub-Arctic, and Arctic lakes. It is alternatively known by names such as Alpine char, char, Alpine Trout, and Sea trout. This fish is widely farmed in the countries like Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Ireland Iceland, and West Virginia. The fish is easy to farm because it remains alive as long as the water is cold.

This fish is generally sold in the form of fillets, steaks, canned, dressed or whole. It is a popular fish used in the preparation of sushi and is known by name iwana. The Arctic Char is high in proteins, with low fats and calories. Due to this reason the fish is usually preferred by people who follow a protein rich diet.

Flavor Profile
The fish has a rich taste and its flavor profile alternates between salmon and trout and has a fat content which resembles sockeye salmon. The fish has a pink – red colored flesh and has moderately firm and fine flakes.

Buyers Tips

  • The fish should possess clear skin and eyes which does not appear slippery.
  • The fish should have a mild smell.
  • Arctic Char is widely fished during the fall and spring months and it is not available in the summers.

Method of Preparation
The firm flesh and flavor of this fish can be increased by cooking it in following ways –

  • Grilling – The fish fillets are skewered after seasoning with spices and then grilled after placing over a hot grill.
  • Frying – The fish fillets are dipped in some batter or seasoned with spices and fried deeply in a fryer until it browns on both the sides.
  • Baking – The fish fillets are topped with some sauce or dipped in some batter and baked in the oven until it becomes opaque.
  • Poaching – The fish is added to the poaching liquid containing flavorsome ingredients and cooked until the flesh starts crumbling.
  • Broiling – The fish is seasoned with pepper and salt or any other spice and then placed on a baking dish which is directly heated under the preheated broiler.

Arctic Char Recipes

  • Cedar Planked Maple Hoisin Char – The cedar planks are skewered with char fillets on a skewer and are brushed with ingredients like maple syrup, Hoisin sauce and Dijon mustard.
  • Jerk Arctic Char Kabobs – The char fillets are marinated in a mixture containing ingredients like jerk seasoning, oil, and vinegar, water, and lemon juice. the fillets are then grilled over griller and served with a mango salsa.

Each 6 oz of the fish serves 264 calories, with 34.6 grams of protein, 13.9 grams of fats, 2.9 grams of fat, 120 mg of sodium, 46.3 mg of cholesterol, and 2.7 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids.