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Smoked Carp Ribs

  Drawn carp 12 Pound (Head Removed the rib yeild is 1 Lb)
  Water 8 Cup (128 tbs)
  Canning salt/Pickling salt 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Onion 1 Small, thinly sliced

Fillet the fish, but do not remove the skin; cut off rib section (approximately 1 lb.) and remove belly meat.
Rinse well.
Reserve the rest of the meat for future use.
In 5-quart glass or plastic container, combine water and salt.
Stir until salt is dissolved.
Add ribs to brine.
Cover and refrigerate 12 hours or overnight.
Drain and discard brine from ribs.
Rinse with water.
Pat dry with paper towels.
Arrange ribs on cooling racks.
Spread onion slices evenly over each rib portion.
Air dry for 1 hour, or until ribs are shiny and dry.
Place oven thermometer in smoker.
Heat dry smoker for 20 minutes, or until temperature registers 100°F.
Spray smoker racks with nonstick vegetable cooking spray.
Arrange ribs on prepared racks, spacing at least 1/2 inch apart.

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Side Dish

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