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Custard Filling

Custard filling acts as stuffing for baked products that is typically prepared like custard. Custard filling recipe instructs little cooking after mixing the necessary ingredients. The ingredients used in preparing this filling are quite minimal and easily accessible. Egg, cornstarch, milk, sugar, flour and whipped cream are some of the integral components of the filling.

With thick consistency and fluffy texture, this filling is a very favorable ingredient for dessert recipes.

Culinary Uses of Custard Filling Recipe

Custard filling is widely used in making fine cakes and cream puffs. The most popular filling is French custard filling that includes whipped cream as well in order to provide extra richness and smooth texture.

Various puddings such as lemon pudding, pastries and even chocolate éclairs are fondly filled with this creamy stuffing.

Method of Making: Custard Filling Recipe

Custard filling is prepared with simple boiling and simmering method. Usually, double boiler is used while cooking. The filling should be prepared on moderate heat and continuous stirring is quite necessary in order to avoid sticking.

It is recommended to use either cold or chilled filling in cakes, tarts and other puddings and baked products.

Cuisines Commonly Using Custard Filling Recipe

French and Italian cuisines are famous for making delectable custard filling. Desserts in these cuisines are usually full of cream and hence this rich filling serves the purpose of making creamy stuffing. Different flavors are also incorporated such as vanilla, lemon or strawberry to offer nice taste to the filling.

American as well as other European cuisines also makes good use of this creamy filling as an ingredient to make the cakes and pastries more palatable.

Storing of Custard Filling

Custard filling recipe is generally meant for homemade cooking. It is quite cumbersome to find the commercially packed filling. Being highly perishable item, it should be stored in refrigerator until used. Though, it can prepared in advance, but should be used and consumed with in a day or two.

The best way to store custard filling for longer period of time is to keep it in freezer. Frozen filling may be kept for a week or so.

Health Facts Related to Custard Filling

Custard filling is a calorific ingredient as it involves cream, sugar, cornstarch and eggs. Though all the ingredients used in this filling are full of calories, but contain some nutritional value as well. Egg yolk includes protein and similarly cornstarch and sugar provides carbohydrates and energy to body. Cream is also a dairy product that offers protein. However, skimmed milk and cream can be substituted to make the healthy version of custard filling recipe.