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Cake Filling

Cake filling is the substance that is spread in between the layers of a cake, on the sides, and on top of it. Usually a sweet creamy mixture, it can transform a plain sweet bake into a very pretty party cake. Cake filling can be of different types and is made using a variety of ingredients. Though most fillings come with a standard recipe, customized fillings made according to the culinary creativity of individuals are also popular. Preparation of Cake Filling Cake filling for parties should be strongly flavored to make the presence of the item felt when eaten with other tasty dishes. The filling is generally made of ingredients that complement each other well. Fruity fillings such as, raspberry filling, strawberry filling, blackberry filling etc. are best made with a buttercream or fondant icing base. Chocolate filling usually goes well with nuts. It is better to frost the cake with the filling a short time before serving. Otherwise the cake turns soggy. Cake Filling Recipes Cake filling recipes are of different types. Buttercream, jam, mocha, chocolate mousse and liqueur fillings are some of the most popular fillings.