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Bulanglang is a very healthy dish which is hugely popular in Philippines. More or less like a salad, the dish is prepared in different ways in different regions but in most places, the basic recipe and ingredients remain the same. There are both completely vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of the preparation.

Origin of Bulanglang

Although somewhat disputed, the origin of the dish has been traced back to the Katagalungan Region of Philippines where fruits and vegetables have always been in abundance. The main ingredient of the non-vegetarian version of the dish, the Milkfish, is also easily found in the region. The preparation is a part of everyday cooking across most Batangas households.

Bulanglang Recipe- Ingredients

Main ingredients of the preparation are over-ripe guava, pechay leaves, onion, garlic, radish, salt, whole pepper, finger pepper and root ginger. For the non-vegetarian version, 2 large milkfish, locally known as Bangus, are sliced and added.

Ingredients of the dish are almost always consistent. However, some prefer to change the meat used and add pork or chicken instead of fish.

Bulanglang Recipe- Preparation

Making the dish is fairly easy and does not take more than a few minutes. All the vegetables and fruits are combined and boiled and the milkfish, pepper and salt are added. The mixture is cooked for sometime, pechay leaves are added and Bulanglang is ready to be served.

Eating and Serving Bulanglang

The dish is served and consumed hot, especially the non-vegetarian version. Depending on individual preferences, however, it can be eaten warm, at room temperature or chilled. Guava flavoring or tamarind flavoring can be added for more taste.

Although a salad, the dish is considered a wholesome meal in itself and consumed as one. Some, however, prefer to serve it alongside a bigger lunch or dinner meal or as an appetizer.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Bulanglang

Since the dish is made entirely from vegetables and fruits and there is no frying method involved, the preparation is very healthy and a perfect food for those looking to diet. Even the non-vegetarian Bulanglang is fairly healthy as it contains fish.