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Hot food refers to dishes which have a high temperature and are served immediately after they have been cooked or heated. Hot foods can be of different types ranging from starters, drinks, appetizers and main courses to side dishes, accompaniments and desserts. The temperatures of hot dishes vary according to the recipes, but generally they have a higher temperature than warm foods. Usually, these hot foods can be identified by the steaming vapors arising from them like in soups and hissing noise like in sizzlers. However, in some hot food items, the vapors may not be easily visible like in the case of hot sauce toppings and freshly baked cakes but can give a sensation of heat when touched or tasted.
Popular Hot Recipes
Here are some of the best known hot food items and hot beverages -
Steaming Hot Holiday Punch Drink Recipe – Hot foods do not only mean solid foods. They can be liquid too, like this hot punch. This piping hot drink is very popular in America during the Christmas holidays. This punch drink is prepared by mixing all the ingredients like apple juice, ground cinnamon, ground gloves, ground nutmeg, orange juice, sugar powder and maple syrup in a heavy bottomed pan. Then this mixture is simmered in the heat and transferred to a crockpot, in which cinnamon sticks are added and the hot drink is served in glasses right from the crockpot.
Pressure Cooker Beef Stew – This pressure cooked stew is best served as a piping hot food. One of the yummiest hot foods, this stew is cooked by frying flour coated meat cubes in the pressure cooker uncovered, after which, they are simmered in hot beef broth mixed with marjoram, Worcestershire sauce and onions. Then, the mixture is pressure cooked for 15 minutes. After that, vegetables and seasonings are put into the stew and pressure cooked again. The stew is then served like a fresh hot food.
Steaming Hot Mocha – This is another popular beverage which is best relished when it still steaming hot. This interesting drink is prepared by combining unsweetened cocoa, sugar and salt in a Dutch oven, after which, milk and coffee is whisked together separately and boiled. Next, both these mixtures are blended together when they are still very hot and then some vanilla extract is added before serving. This hot cocoa drink is best enjoyed with a topping of marshmallow crème, to balance the hot food feel.
Hot Fudge Sauce – The taste of a hot food recipe like a freshly baked chocolate cake or a brownie is best enhanced by topping it with a freshly made hot fudge sauce. This delicacy is one of the best hot foods for desserts and is prepared by blending cocoa, flour, salt, sugar, milk, butter and water in a saucepan and then boiling the mixture. Then some vanilla extract is added to the hot food mixture, which is then used as a topping for various desserts.
Apple & cinnamon hot cakes – This is one hot food, which is best enjoyed freshly baked and oven hot. The cinnamon cake is prepared by mixing baking powder, flour, castor sugar, milk and egg into a thick batter. Then, this batter is cooked in a non-stick pan until golden brown. Next, the hot cinnamon cake is served with a soft and warm apple cooked with cinnamon and sugar. This is one of the most favored hot food items.