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Hard food is referred to as foods that feel hard to the bite. Some foods are attributed with this feel and it is considered the basic characteristic of the food. Hard foods are also mostly crunchy and this feel enhances the overall appeal of the food along with the taste. The foods that belong to the category of hard food are usually fresh and firm foods. Foods including, apple, raw carrot, hard candies, nuts, corn chips and even corn cob are some of the popular hard foods. These foods are either eaten individually or incorporated in any recipe to add the crunch.

There are many other edible things that come under the category of hard food. Such as hard centered fruits and even meat with hard bones. Hard boiled eggs, firm cakes and rolls also have a hard feel while eating. It is not always true that hard food implies freshness; sometimes stale food looses the moisture and becomes hard. This type of stale hard food is not suitable for consumption, hence should be avoided. One more foodstuff that comes under this category is ‘ice’. It is hard to crack till the time it is frozen. Many frozen desserts are also termed as hard foods.

Though hard food is not difficult to chew or consume but for those who put braces, this kind of food is not suitable. Hard things may pull off or break the braces, therefore people with braces should not have such foods.

Another myth related to hard food is the improper digestion of food. This myth is totally incorrect. Apples, candies, corn chips and other such foods with hard feel are very easy to digest and no harm in consuming them in regular meals.

Popular Hard Food Recipes
• Mexican hard rolls – In this recipe, hard implies the firm texture of the rolls. This is a very well-liked Mexican breakfast recipe that contains yeast, flour and sugar. This recipe is quite easy to make.
• Christmas hard candy – This hard candy is a perfect Christmas gift for friends and relatives. Peppermint or cinnamon flavored candies are very well-admired among kids during festive season. Corn syrup, flavored oils, sugar and food color are the main ingredients for this all-time favorite candy.
• Hard pretzel – This is the most common hard food served fondly all over the world. The crunchy and hard texture is the best characteristic of this recipe. Whole wheat flour and bread flour are mixed together with other ingredients to make these hard pretzels.
• Hard boiled eggs – Though its not that kind of hard food, but the firm texture makes it hard. A perfect hard boiled egg is a well-liked breakfast dish that is quite nutritious as well.