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Maple Butter

Maple butter or also often referred to as maple cream or maple spread is ideally made from maple syrup and is a sweet confection. Maple butter recipe is prepared by cooking the maple syrup, cooling it and then raising it and stirring till it reaches a smooth texture and consistency. Similar to peanut butter, maple butter too enjoys light consistency and can be spread easily. Maple butter can be enjoyed in a number of ways as it can be spread on breads, pancakes, muffins and biscuits. To make maple butter at home in the easiest possible manner, all that is required is softened butter and maple syrup. Both the ingredients need to be blended well till it turns smooth and creamy and it can be spread over toast, biscuits or muffins and enjoyed or even used as an ingredient to make cakes and pies. Maple butter is widely liked especially because it can be prepared within short notice and it can be consumed in various ways.