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Ghost bottle gourd tree..

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I got these photos in an email today from a friend.  I'm not sure who took them or I would give the credit - He didn't know either (I found them on a few places on the internet too but they didn't give credit to anyone else either...).  Here's what it said under the photos :

This tree is a bottle gourd tree, but the fruit is deformed to look like ghost face so people called it "ton namtao phi" (phi = ghost, ton=tree, namtao is the name of the type of tree).



It kinda gives me the heebie jeebies to look at them... 

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Very interesting. I wonder if it is it natural or man made design?
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It sounds as if they are put into some sort of brace to make them look that way...
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Hey!!!That tree doesn't look anything like a bottle gourd vine....100% fake!!!!!
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yea, well... if i remember well, bottle gourd does grow on creeper like vines ..and yea, there is the buddha pear blog here on ifood iteself, that is similar to this - they put a mold to make them take the desired shape :)
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thanks tanya3286 for the info..
Ghost Bottle Gourd Tree..