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PIZZA in A.....B.....C........

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pizzaPizza  is the name of an oven-baked, flat, usually round bread covered with tomato sauce with optional toppings. It is a typical dish of Neapolitan cuisine.


  • In Australia, a commonly sold style is the Aussie pizza, which is topped with ham, bacon, cheese and egg. "Hawaiian pizza" (ham and pineapple) is the most popular topping combination in Australia, accounting for 20 percent of all sales. In "barbecue pizza," barbecue sauce is poured on top of the cheese, with usually a meat such as chicken or beef. Bases are often offered in both thin or thick (pan), although pan is not nearly as thick as a Chicago pan pizza, being 2-3cm at most. There is no set style regarding a crispy or flexible base - it usually varies shop by shop or even by which chef is on shift in a particular shop. Starting in the mid 1990's a moderate number of gourmet pizza restaurants opened across the country, although the traditional individually owned pizzeria and the major chains (Pizza Hut and Domino's) still outnumber them by far. Most Australian pizzerias use gas or electric ovens although wood fired ovens have become a major feature of the more expensive 'gourmet' pizza restaurants mentioned above.


  • In Brazil, especially São Paulo city, pizzas are one of the most profitable items of food industry. Among them are traditional Neapolitan style pizzas (brought by Italian immigrants) and sort of "new style" pizzas with a very thin crust and sweet topping options as chocolate or white chocolate mixed with fruits (banana possibly being the most common). It is so important for the city economics that a Pizza Day (July 10) was instituted, with Pizza Championship being one of the most important events of the day, showing new recipes. One of the products of such championship was the border filling with catupiry cheese. Pizza is also often eaten with a knife and a fork. Except in Pizza Hut and other pizza franchises, most pizzerias cook the pizzas on brick ovens using eucalyptus wood, even the small ones. While outside the city of São Paulo it is common to use condiments such as ketchup on a pizza, it is considered an offense by paulistanos.


  • In Canada, the topping combination of back bacon, pepperoni and mushrooms is called 'Canadian Pizza' . In Quebec, the same topping combination is called a 'Québécois Pizza'. A pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, and green bell pepper is referred to as "all-dressed". Also available in Canada are donair pizzas. These pizzas come with donair ingredients (cheese, spiced meat, sometimes onions and tomatoes) and have the tomato sauce replaced by donair sauce. Also in Canada the "Punjabi Style" pizza is popular. With the Punjabi Style pizza the main ingredient added is hot peppers. The most popular is the Vegetarian pizza made Punjabi Style with mushroom, onion, green pepper and fresh tomato with the addition of the hot peppers. A new trend in Canada is dipping the pizza into a variety of sauces e.g. salad dressings like Ranch Dressing.


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PIZZA In A.....B.....C........