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Women Gorge Less In Company Of Men!

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Women gorge low in the company of men! Don’t slap me because being a member of the gender, I’m not saying this on my own. It seems women gorge according to the gender of their companions! This is quite an interesting revelation made by a scientific study conducted by a young psychologist Meredith Young, Department of Psychology, Mc. Master University, after observing the eating behavior of a group of college girls when in company of friends. Well, she opines that as attractiveness is associated with low calorie food intake, women are more likely to restrict their appetites when dining with members of the opposite gender. Also she feels that girls ate more calories when with girls and that men ate regardless of the gender of their company

If you were to go by the study, most women would keep happy just with a plate of salad while their male companions would feast on all the sumptuous irresistible fare with oodles of calories laid out on the table. Well, being a woman I don’t think Young might have formed a prejudiced opinion about this behavior. But as for me I’m a bit skeptic about this observation. Personally, I’ve eaten to my heart’s content whatever I wanted in front of my male friends. Tell me friends; don’t you guys gorge on the best of ice-creams, cakes and others belonging to the class when out on a date? So according to me, women gorge well in the company of their male friends.

I do agree that some of us might be conscious of our eating behavior in front of others, but not specifically in front of men. While this study is another evidence of eating being a social activity, is it trying to convey that we women are a species still having that urge to win people’s attention-something that we’ve been wrongly associated with since ages; or is it that we fear social acceptance for doing things that are seemingly ‘unfeminine’?

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Women Gorge Less In Company Of Men!