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The Organic Fanatic: The Growth of Our Organics Department

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Although I do not have any stories about organics from when I was a child, my current roommate is a vegetarian so I do know a bit about the topic. My cupboard and refrigerator are filled with an assortment of organic items, most notably our store brand milk and eggs (the latter of which my roommate will eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner).At Fairway Market we offer a full line of organics, and it is the fastest growing segment of our business. Paul Weiner, our guru, knows everything there is to know about organics. He pioneered the section and is personally responsible for the staggering growth since its inception. He is dedicated to keeping the department on the cutting edge and if a product has our label on it you better believe it is of the highest quality.

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The Organic Fanatic: The Growth Of Our Organics Department Video