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Train Your Mind For A Slimmer You With NLP!

Did you know that all that you needed to get slim was your mind and a little help from psychological science? Yes! You can now train your mind for a slimmer you with NLP, which is Neuro Linguistic Programming. In other words, it means using psychotherapy, self-help and organizational change to help you control your diet and lose weight.


Train your mind because after all, its your mind that controls your food and exercise patterns. You’re well aware of the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way” right? If you happen to be one of those hundreds who have tried dozens of ways to get rid of those extra kilos and still have to be complacent with a roly poly mirror image, just read on. The tricks are very simple. I cannot agree more on this issue with Fitness Coach and Exercise Psychologist Michael Smith when he feels that you should train your mind first for weight loss using Neuro Linguistic Programming.



Why Weight Loss Programs Fail?


Do you know why many of these weight loss programs fail? Not because they are ineffective. It’s because you and I don’t have the ideal mental setup to follow their instructions .As a result dieting and exercising become Herculean tasks for us and we give up. You will see that when you do something with a passion, you rarely flunk in it. So, ultimately it is your motivation that you’ve got strengthen. This is how you can use NLP to get a slimmer you:



Identify Your True Motive 


I want to lose weight because I desperately want to fit into my new pair of fashion wear. Your motive may be different from mine. It may be that you want to be healthier, or its just that you fear people will laugh at you when you go out with that fat body. Let me tell you, with a negative motive you can’t proceed far. If you think you want to slim up only because that will make you feel good, just go ahead. Don’t starve yourself or strain yourself out of fear of other people not accepting you. Just accept yourself and the world will accept you. Just train your mind to identify your motive and find for yourself if it’s worth your effort.



Identify your motivating factor


Know what your motivation for slimming down is, whether it is wearing better clothes or peer pressure or health problems. The motivational factor is different for different people but it is important to identify it before you embark on a weight-loss routine using NLP.



Control Your Food Weakness


Do you know, I crave a lot for choco-nuts ice-cream- the one with loads of chocolate with nuts and choco chips? Hey I know, I’m making your mouth water already. But then, I know I can’t have the cake and eat it too. I’ve got to either be complacent with my extra pounds or cut down upon my favorite food. I told ‘Train your mind’ to myself for controlling my weaknesses. I took the help of my visualization powers for this. It’s very simple. You’ve just got to concentrate a bit.

Draw a mental picture of your favorite food. Now just visualize it becoming smaller and smaller and fading away from your view. Next imagine a healthy food that’s going to help you lose weight. Make it big and prominent. Recall these images the next time you head to your refrigerator for a luscious chunk of your favorite black forest cake.

There are other methods to restrain your self too. Each time you think of eating that piece of cake, just think about the appreciative glances that you’d draw from people in that figure lining dress of yours, if you didn’t .This is called learning by giving incentive. That should work for you. Train your mind using NLP and that will work for you.



Remove that Exercise Block



The majority of us get jittery about sweating out. Exercising looks like tons of hard work. Even though we know the benefits, we just can’t get ready to put in that slightly-tough but well-paying effort. Train your mind using a very simple NLP technique to remove that mental block that you have regarding exercising. Use your visualization powers to imagine how nice you’d feel after exercising. If you see yourself tired and sweaty, slowly fade the picture from your imagination. Next, think about how fresh and active you’re going to feel after exercising and make this picture very prominent. Imagine this when you plan to exercise and see yourself doing it out of pleasure. This fresh and serene visual should make you exercise with pleasure





So, now you know that the easiest tool to help you get slimmer is to train your mind and NLP will show you the way to do that.


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Train Your Mind For A Slimmer You With NLP!