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Why Is Fast Food AdvertisingTurning Skanky?


Fast food advertising does not remain what it used to be –decent and a pleasure to watch with your kids and elders. It seems in the present times fast food advertising has taken an adultish route. I can’t help echoing Washington Post staff writer, Paul Farhi’s, opinion on this. According to him, fast food advertising got the flak from the Parent’s Television Council when a Hardee campaign seems to suggest off-color names for its biscuits.

There was a time when fast food advertising was one of the most attractive forms of advertising. The food itself was so tempting that there was little else to show. Now I wonder why models in sensuous acts are trying to attract the attention of people. I ask, is fast food advertising resorting to cheap tactics to get customers? Is the food by itself not good enough that the manufacturers have to depend on the crutches of vulgar advertising? Tell me, if a burger bun looks absolutely irresistible will you care for a seductive model advertising for it? For that matter, I don’t think you really need off-color names to sell biscuits. The flavor, taste and nutritious value of the biscuits themselves can endorse the product.

It seems nowadays the target market for fast food comprises mainly of men in the age range of 18-49, unlike in the past when the entire family was the target. But fast food advertising biggies should know that by resorting to cheap tactics, they are actually distracting their audience from the primary purpose of buying the food and not ogling at the models. This kind of advertising is not going to make people buy their food.

My message for the fast food advertising companies is simple and clear – If you want people to buy food attract them with food, not witch cheap attention, as these tricks will defeat your purpose.

Here’s an interesting read on the subject:


Station Break with Paul Farhi


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Why Is Fast Food AdvertisingTurning Skanky?