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Fairway's Captain Tony: How to Shop for Fresh Fish

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As a kid I spent my summers out in Montauk, a small fishing town in Long Island, aboard my family's fishing boat, the "Jinx." The fish we caught would end up on our dinner table that same night. If not cooked by my mother, our favorite place to take the fish to be cooked would be "Wok N' Roll" a great little Chinese restaurant in the middle of town.Captain Tony Maltese sources a lot of our fish directly from the boats that catch them. The fish go straight from the boat into our stores giving the same quality and freshness he had out in Montauk on your dinner table at home. Captain Tony's Tips: With seafood freshness is king,a fresh fish should not smell,look at the gills, they should have bright red coloring.

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Fairway's Captain Tony: How To Shop For Fresh Fish Video