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Weird Ice Cream Flavors!

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Wierd Ice Cream Flavors

Ice Creams! Now who doesn’t love ice creams.  Guess the ice creams of present day can be traced back to the fruit topped snow cones mixed with honey that the ancient Greeks sold. It is said that the Roman Emperor Nero had ice brought from the mountains and then had it combined with fruit toppings for himself. Lately though, some horrendously weird ice cream flavors have popped up that are tarnishing the very image of ice creams!!!  I am quiet sure that if Emperor Nero drops in, he would be pretty disappointed with these weird Japanese ice cream flavors!


Seafood Ice Cream Flavors


You heard that right! Take your pick of a bowl full off fishy seafood flavored ice creams! You could have a Fish Ice Cream, Octopus Ice Cream, Squid Ice Cream, Crab Ice Cream, Shrimp Ice Cream, Eel Ice Cream, Shark Fin Noodle Ice Cream or even an Oyster Ice Cream. Why have a seafood rich diet, when one can dig up pieces of shrimp and oysters from ones own ice cream!!



Octopus Ice Cream


Vegetable Ice Cream Flavors


Though this may look like a great way to get your children to ingest some veggies, I would advise you to spare your kids. Some of the weird vegetable ice cream flavors include Char Grilled Seaweed Ice Cream, Tomato Ice Cream, Potato Ice Cream, Spinach Ice Cream(one for popeye here) and even Fried Eggplant Ice cream!! I think “yuck” would describe my reaction too!! Oh did I forget to mention the Garlic Ice Cream! Next time a vampire comes along you know what to feed him.


Wierd Ice Cream Flavors

Garlic Ice Cream


Meat Ice Cream Flavors


For all those meat lovers there, what about some Ox tongue ice Cream or even better a Chicken Wing Ice Cream! The worst of all, the Raw Horse Flesh ice cream! Imagine spooning in some ice cream and hen biting into some very raw meat!! Or may be you would like the Goat Ice Cream for a change.


Ox Tongue Ice Cream

Rice and Noodle Ice Cream


Oh no, it doesn’t stop there. The flavors go on to discover uncharted areas. A great example would be the Koshihikari Rice Ice Cream. Japans favorite rice now in ice cream!! If you are not the rice type then they even have a Nagoya Noodle Ice Cream. 


Wierd Ice Cream Flavors

Koshihikari Rice Ice Cream


Pit Viper Ice Cream Flavor


What about an ice cream famed from the most poisonous snake, the pit viper! The Japanese consider the snake an aphrodisiac! Aphrodasiac or not I definitely don’t want a spoon of this one!

Pit Viper Ice Cream


"Natural Viagra” Ice Cream Flavor


Viagra!! It looks as if they ran out of flavors and the next thing that caught their eye was here it is a Viagra flavored ice cream. I wonder if this “Natural Viagara” taste like those pills(if they have any flavor) or does it share the properties too??

Wierd Ice Cream Flavors


"Natural Viagra” Ice Cream Flavor


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Weird Ice Cream Flavors!