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Raw Food Episode

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See Raw Food Eater Matt Monarch of, and Matt's Brother, Brian Monarch, go at it in this fun episode. This Raw Food Episode is a great one to relate with people not necessarily on the raw foods path.
When Matt started with the raw food, he was very confused about how to go only for raw diets.
Brian has removed soda from his diet, because soda causes certain disorders in our body. Instead of soda, he started drinking lots of water.
Brian has also improved his dietary habits by eliminating fried foods. He doesn't take any fried food.
Although Brian is health conscious, he is very fond of cookies, ice creams, nuts, etc. Munching on these is his favorite pastime.

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The Raw Food World 12-23
Raw food episode is a great experience to relate with people, who are not necessarily on raw food diet path. Malt, the protagonist in the episode, describes how skeptical he was before embarking on the journey of raw food diets. See how he gradually overtook the hurdles, and became a raw food dietarian for some great reasons.

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Raw Food Episode Video, The Raw Food World 12-23