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About Anti-Inflammatory Raw Foods

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Today, I talk about how fruit can strip minerals from your body as well as the top anti-inflammatory raw foods.
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How much fruit can strip minerals from your body?
It depends on the level of minerals in your bodies and it varies person to person.
If you have low mineral levels in your body and you are taking higher fruit diets, chances are you might be facing some problems.
Two reasons for that are:
1. Fruits increase acidic environment in our body. This acidic environment snatches out minerals from the bones. To prevent this, one should have lots of greens in his diet. Along with the greens, drink lots of water.
2. To digest the fruits into the body, minerals have to work really hard. This leads to drop in level of minerals in the body.

The top anti-inflammatory raw foods are ginger, blueberries, cherries, flax, omega - foods, etc.

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Top Anti-Inflammatory Raw Foods
What are anti-infammatory raw foods? how fruits helps in our body? What is the mail function of fruits in our body? In this video, Kevin Gianni is talking about how much fruit can strip minerals from your body. He also talks about top anti-inflammatory raw foods.

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About Anti-Inflammatory Raw Foods Video, Top Anti-Inflammatory Raw Foods