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Some Cheese Trivia!

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Yup, I have been bored! I was browsing the net for some interesting trivia when these cheesy stories about cheese caught my fancy. Guess it will be fun to share them here, so here is some cheese trivia for the cheese hungry!


Cheese Trivia 1


  • Cheese has been used especially in the Mediterranean areas for ages. Did you know that in the Mediterranean area cheese was more popular than milk and butter? In Egypt, the remains of cheese was even found in tomb buried along with the mummies.


  • Cheese had a very bad reputation in the early 17th century. It was believed that consumption of this curd could actually make a person stupid. Cheese was supposed to be the cause for everything from diseases to moral decay. For the same reason nuns in France often considered eating cheese, like self flagellation and celibacy a process of giving up of earthly pleasures to get closer to God!


  • "Big Wheel" and "Big Cheese" where originally used as terms for people who were rich enough to buy a whole wheel of cheese


  • Cheddar cheese gets its name form Cheddar Gorge in Somerset.


  • A study by the British Cheese board in 2005 claimed that cheese promoted peaceful sleep, especially if it is consumed before sleeping. The presence of tryptophan and amino acid in cheese has been attributed to this effect as both chemicals are said to relieve stress and induce sleep. That should be good news for all the cheese loving insomniacs out there!


  • It is believed that having cheese immediately after meals or between meals helps to reduce tooth decay!


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Some Cheese Trivia!