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Azuki Bars Introduction

Azuki bars are made by the company imuraya.
They contain sugar, adzuki beans, “mizuame” (clear, glutinous malt-sugar), GE free corn starch, salt.
And 149 calories.
You can buy azuki bars at a supermarket or convenience store.
You can buy one bar.
Or a box of six bars.
They are very convenient to eat.
They don’t need to be prepared or cooked.
You don’t need a knife and fork, or chopsticks.
You only need your fingers to open the wrapping and hold onto the stick.
You can eat azuki bars when you are: reading a book, using a fan, watching The Daily English Show.
You can even eat them standing in a river.

Also Known as: 
Azuki Bars
Azuki bars are sugar candies with stuffed chocolate inside. The video tells you about the places where these bars can be bought, and what is the price. It contains ingredients like malt sugar, corn starch and sugar.

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Azuki Bars Introduction Video, Azuki Bars