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High Prana Food and What They Really Are

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What is prana?


Prana is the life force that creates every single thing on this planet and sustains life. One might say that it is well the cosmic energy that is present in every thing, from living to non living. Prana is visible in living beings as aura.



Prana in our food and the food chain:


In our science lesion we had learnt how the energy content of food depletes as it is converted in the food chain in the web of life. The food that the plants and trees produce on their own, the starch and glucose is the highest form of food that is directly synthesized in the smallest food factory in the world – the little green leaf!


Thus the food from plants and trees are the ones which are the highest in their energy content and thus have the highest prana. By this, I imply the fresh, off the branches berries, fruits and vegetables dug up from the soil. The fruits and vegetables that reach us in the markets have already decayed a little by continuous handling and the time it has spent in baskets after being picked.


Our aura and the aura of our food:


Everything living and fresh has an aura of its own. This aura is called bio plasma and has electromagnetic properties. Andre Simoneton, a French engineer divided foods into four general classes on the basis of these electromagnetic waves that they emitted.


On a scale of zero to 10,000 angstroms, he found the basic human wavelength to be about 6.5 thousand. Food that emit vibrations or wavelengths that match this scale are considered the best according to scientific research and are classified as first class foods - are fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, ocean fish and shellfish.


In the next class, food with radiations 6.5 thousand to 3,000 angstroms, are eggs, peanut oil, wine, boiled vegetables, cane sugar and cooked fish.


The third category, with very weak radiations below 3,000 angstroms, is comprised of cooked meats, sausages, coffee, tea, chocolate, jams, processed cheeses and white bread.


The fourth category exhibits practically no life force and includes margarine, conserves, alcoholic spirits, refined white sugar and bleached flour.


The Ayurveda and the food it prescribes:


Ancient Indian scriptures of the ‘Ayurveda’ are the most valued source of information on food and lifestyle and it had actually classified food on the basis of people and the professions they followed.
According to the Ayurveda, there are 3 types of food:



Sattvik – Food that are pure and divine and contain the life force of the universe. These foods when consumed cleanse the body, mind and create a harmony of man with his self within and without. Priests and holy men were prescribed to follow this diet strictly.
These food items include fresh fruits and vegetables (except onions), salads, fresh fruit juices, cereals(red rice), herbal tea, fresh cow’s milk, dry fruits, nuts, honey, jaggery, all spices except garlic (fresh)  freshly cooked vegetables and cereals. Sattvik food implies food that inspires truth and knowledge. ‘Saatya’ in Sattvik implies the ultimate truth.



Raajsik – Food that induce and create energy and stamina along with boosting the intellect and strength. Kings and ministers along with people who were merchants, traders, workers, farmers or intellectuals by profession were prescribed this diet along with the Sattvik food. Rajsik food consists of lentils, cereals, cream, yeast, yogurt, glucose, pickle, vinegar, garlic, onion and food cooked with salt. Raajsik food implies foods which are kingly and have high value. ‘Raaja’ means king in Sanskrit.



Taamasik or Tamasic – These foods create aggression, and fire up the primal passion in man. These foods were allowed in limited consumption to soldiers, guards and the military and butchers. These foods helped them perform their duty in battle and work without being faint at heart. They are not considered pure or good but still were permissible in limited amounts for consumption. Such food includes alcohol, all meats (beef, chicken, fish, pork), eggs, mushrooms, addictive natural drugs, dark tea, coffee, fried food. Taamsik food implies food that creates darkness and ignorance. ‘Taama’ itself means that which is black or dark in nature.


Of all these discourses and opinions, I still feel that the one that Ayurveda propagates is the truest and best. Killing for food is a primeval instinct and not meant for man. Food that is peaceful and is yielded from the earth’s bounty is the best for the human body. Many may argue to this but then again, Ayurveda still continues to unravel and solve so many of our problems. Some things are best left unquestioned for one to embrace the virginal knowledge that we have lost out on.


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High Prana Food And What They Really Are