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Tips for Garnishing Food!

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Garnishing of food can be considered the most important part of food presentation. It can bring a whole new personality to your dish. Often garnished dishes adds to the aesthetic appearance of the tale. Garnishing helps to come up with an attractive food presentation and its fun to do too. Here are a few tips on garnishing your food:



  • Remember to always make garnishes just before serving. Also  its advisable that you garnish your food  right before you take it to the table.
  • Use appropriate accompaniments to garnish the dish. For example you can use coriander on Indian dishes like the Malai Kofta or Butter Chicken.You can also garnish dish by using ingredients used to prepare the dish like nuts or spices.


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  • Try and bring in a play on contrasting colors of the food and garnish for a beautiful food presentation. Never over do the garnish and ensure that you use only edible items for garnishing.
  • Remember a beautiful food presentations should never be at the cost of the taste of the food. So, the garnish used should compliment the taste of the food, not destroy it.
  • Bank on hard and soft texture combination. That is if the main food is hard in nature add a smoother garnish. For example semi-solid Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding can be garnished with strawberries and ice cream.



Garnishing with Sauce - When using sauce to garnish, drizzle or stripe the sauce across the dish. On the other hand when using herbs it is enough to sprinkle an adequate amount of it on the top of the dish.


Garnishing with Vegetables - You can cut vegetables like carrots, onions and cucumbers in different shapes and decorate the dish either by placing it on the top or around the plate rim or even in a corner of the plate. To make them look fresh blanch them. Immerse them in a bowl of boiling water and then transfer them into cold water.  This will make the garnish look fresh and keep longer.


Garnishing for Desserts - Decorate the area of the plate that is empty to give an added effect. E.g:- For desserts like chocolate truffle, powder the white space of the plate with cocoa.


Garnishing food is a very enjoyable process. You can experiment with various garnishes keeping these basic tenets of garnishing in mind. Remember the beauty of the food can add to its taste!


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Tips For Garnishing Food!