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Your Favorite Food Can Reveal Your Personality!

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Potato Chips - My Favorite Food!

Potato chips are my favorite food! You’ll always find a pack of crispy potato wafers with   me no matter what. All of us have different food favorites – chocolate wafers, tomato crispies, waffles, fruit cake, nuts, pretzels ….the list can go on and on. But did you know that a food psychologist can actually tell the type of person you are just by knowing about your favorite food?

Dr. Adam Hirsch, Director, Smell and Taste Treatment Foundation, who authored What Flavor is Uour Personality, opines that your favorite food can tell about your personality type. 

Attention bosses! If you want to know the job strengths of your employees just find out their favorite food.  You want to make your workers performs, give them some brain food. Munchies seem to work as energizers. According to the Avocation as an Indication of Snack Food Hedonics study, here are some findings that will really interest you!

Nuts -Favorite Food of the Carefree!


If nuts are your favorite food, you are a carefree, empathetic and understanding person!




Potato Chips- Favorite Food of Over Achievers!


A potato chips fan like me is said to be an overachiever with a highly competitive spirit. Lawyers, company chiefs and sportspersons fit the bill!






532654-your-favorite-food-can-reveal-your-personality.jpgt1239798360Pretzels- Favorite Food of the CreativeIf you are creative and always on the lookout for some new simulations, most probably pretzels are your favorite food!



                                                               Crackers- Favorite Food of the Gutsy!  

If you belong to the daring breed and taking risks is your way of life, you must be a lover of crackers!





                                                            Fruits- Favorite Food of the Srong Minded!


                                                      Fruit lovers seem to be the mentally strong l0t!











                                                         Vegetables- Favorite Food if the Introspective!




So, buddies ! Watch Out ! Your favorite food can tell a lot about you! But there can be a lot of exceptions as well! Click here for more information.





Image credits: luv2eathate2cook, baltcoffee, Businessweek, Photobucket,Flickr, 7-art screensavers and Americanfeast.


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Your Favorite Food Can Reveal Your Personality!