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Kiwi Fruit– New Zealand’s Fruit with Chinese Roots!

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Kiwi – though this fruit is always associated with New Zealand it originally came from China. But Kiwi doesn’t sound like a Chinese word, right?. That is because the original fruit was renamed as Kiwi by New Zealanders.

When the Chinese gooseberry reached the shores of New Zealand from the Yangtze Valley, the New Zealanders saw a striking similarity between the fruit and the native’s flightless bird, the Kiwi. Thus, they renamed it as the Kiwifruit.


The Kiwi is an Enzyme rich fruit which can start you on a very fresh and active day if taken for breakfast. Kiwis are also super high in vitamin content, both Vitamin C and E. It is said that one Kiwi equals ten Lemons!! The Kiwi also has a good concentration of Folic acid and is also low in fat.  Kiwi has many Health Benefits.


There are many varieties of kiwi, of which the Golden Kiwi has gained in popularity recently. Kiwi is known by different names around the world. The Chinese call it Yang Tao or Qi Wei Guo Kiwi while the Japanese name is Kiwi Furutsu. My favorite though is the French name for it. 'Souris Vegetale'. This translates to ‘Vegetable mouse’. Sounds like an apt name for this fuzzy and dusky beauty. For all those who aren’t Kiwi lovers yet, haven’t I given you enough reason to be one?

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Kiwi Fruit– New Zealand’s Fruit With Chinese Roots!