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1000 year old egg for your breakfast

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Would you like to have a 1000 year old egg for breakfast today? The egg as such is very different in appearance from the normal egg. From the outside it may look the same but from the inside it is definitely different from the egg you have poached or in any other form for your breakfast.

The 1000 year old egg is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Although known as the 1000 year old egg it actually just about 100 days old or approximately 3 to 4 months old. Known as the century egg, the hundred year egg or the preserved egg, the 1000 year old egg is one that is made with careful preparation. The eggs used for the process is mainly duck eggs, quail or chicken eggs. It is prepared specially by preserving the eggs in a mixture of rice straw, salt, lime and clay.


Egg covered in the mixture

This is a manual process wherein the eggs are coated individually by hand with the mixture and then rolled on rice straw and stored in airtight jars. Burying  the eggs in the ground is also a practice followed by many. In 3 months time, the covering of the egg hardens, indicating that it is time to be served at the table. The whole process occurs due to the alkaline material which raises the pH.

With this process of preservation comes the change in the egg internally. The yellow as you know it changes to a dark green color and the white is no longer white but a dark brown jelly like substance. The century eggs may be served as it is or with pickled ginger root. A popular delicacy is the 1000 year old egg served with tofu. Every cuisine has some specialties like this very different from the other. Is there a dish with a difference in your cuisine?

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1000 Year Old Egg For Your Breakfast