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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Six Minute Style host, Susan Doherty shares some new and out of the box gift ideas that you can use to wrap up something unique for that special woman.

The gardening gift idea:

• A nice earthen pot containing a trowel, plant food and gardening gloves combined with a watering can and a hanging pot. You can also take her out to pick out and get her the flowers she wants for her garden, patio or front lawn.
• You can plant them for her and also involve your kids in it. Make a day out of it!

The tea party idea:

• You can take your mom out for tea to her tea house and let her be waited upon and served.
• You can also get more creative and throw her a tea party. Let the whole family be there. Gift a fun tea pot along with an assortment of flavored tea packs and a cake tray, filled with goodies, just for her!

The house project gift idea:

• If your mom lives far from you and you cant make it to her on mother’s day, you can still make her feel good and special by hiring a handy man for her to get all those things fixed that she needs.
• It is especially helpful if our mom lives alone and doesn’t have any one to help around the house. Hire a handy man (preferably by reference), tip him well and he’ll do a great job.

The spa package gift idea:

• Go your mom’s local spa store and get spa gift certificates for her for as many months as you wish. It can have assortment of spas, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and aromatherapy. Just take care of the validity of the certificate.
• Get a nice basket and put together an assortment of spa products and aromatic soaps, shampoos and oils that she can use at home. Put in a certificate with it and send her one for each month after that.

Cooking class gift idea:

• Put together a whole new set of kitchen linens, a new apron, hot mitts and hire a chef from one your favorite restaurant or joint for mum to get a free cooking lesson in her own kitchen.
• Invite her girlfriends and take her kids out (if needed) so that she can unwind and enjoy the good food and wine along with her friends.

Last but not the least, give her the time and attention she deserves and cherish the precious moments!

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Six minute style host, Susan Doherty shares some new and out of the box gift ideas that you can use to wrap up something unique for that special woman i.e. your mom. In this video, you would be able to have different box gift ideas for your mother.

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