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World’s most expensive burger - $200

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Presenting the world’s most expensive burger at $200. This is one burger that can actually make you feel a few pounds lighter or rather $$$$ lighter.

The burger at Burger King, London has some delicious ingredients all rolled into one big burger. A wonderful combination of Wagyu Beef, Iranian Saffron and White Truffle dusted buns, White Truffle, Pata Negra Slices, White truffle, Balsamic vinegar that is 25 years old, Cristal Champagne onion straws, Hollandaise shallot mayonnaise, Lambs lettuce and Pink Himalayan rock salt. Flavor and taste are surely going to be a world class experience here, but such exotic ingredients have also ensured that the cost too is world class.


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World’s Most Expensive Burger - $200