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Ingredients for Chinese Cooking

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Explain the some of the ingredients from the Apprentice cooking package. Take a look at the Chinese Cooking packages that come with the cooking video, instructional guide, and Chinese ingredients at

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Learn About Some Important Ingredients For Chinese Cooking
Chinese cooking is a whole new beast by itself. Some of the dishes are totally different to what you can even dream of as an American and it’s the ingredients that make the dish. This video talks briefly about some popular Chinese cooking ingredients.

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This is very helpful info for beginners as well as hobbyists Chef Luke.
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Great info to introduce newbies to Chinese ingredients. You should do a couple more videos of other Chinese ingredients for intermediate and advanced or more regions of Chinese cooking. Maybe even do videos by Chinese Schools/regions of cooking?
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Thanks. We'll think about some of the other ingredients on Chinese cooking and Chinese schools various regions. Is there are particular ingredient, dish, or region that you have in mind?
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I think many people know of Cantonese style, but are not as comfortable with Szechwan, Shanghai, even Chao Zhou. Do you have recipe for the Chao Zhou Dummplings with the soup inside the big noodle ball? Also Hot Pots are popular and each region has great hot pots!
Ingredients For Chinese Cooking Video, Learn About Some Important Ingredients For Chinese Cooking